Pool Strike: Top online 8 ball pool billiards game for Android and IOS

Pool Strike: Top online 8 ball pool billiards game for Android and IOSPool Strike: Top online 8 ball pool billiards game for Android and IOS

Pool Strike : 8 ball pool game online with chat

Ever tried unique 1-4 game play of Pool Strike? Try and see how you can win 4 times more in one game at online billiard. Download now and get your free coins.

If you are bored with old classic pool games, you are at the right place. “Pool Strike” is next generation online social sport game where you can chat with your friends. Plenty of rooms with different features are waiting for you, just download now and challenge the whole world…

While you are enjoying the social game with your friends, you will be in a sweet competition. Apart the classic “1 to 1” eight balls, experiment the unique “1 to 4” competition for fasts and goods players where you can get 4 times more in one game.

If you succeed to win at the first turn, you will get extra “Strike” bonus reserved for the best players. This is another unique feature of Pool Strike like “1 to 4” games.

Features that make Pool Strike an amazing 8 ball billiards:
* Realistic physics engine: no 8 ball cheat
* Online chat: 8 ball pool with chat
* Free to play 8 ball game
* No boring banners: magic 8 ball app
* World wide matching: 8 ball online
* New friendships: in game request friend
* Multiple login options: Guest, Facebook, Google
* Upgradable cues: 8 ball mania
* Unique “1 to 4” multiplayer game experiences: win 4 times more
* 2 player mode: free 8 ball pool offline games
* Plenty of rooms with different features: 8 ball pool long line
* More than 100 different cues: 8 ball tool
* Invite Facebook friends: get 8 ball unlimited coins
* Daily bonus: daily 8 ball free coins
* Best of the day, week, month bonus: 8 ball star
* Amazing first turn “Strike” bonus: 8 ball hack
* Top lists: king of 8 ball pool
* Wide device compatibility
* Quick start-up

A social multiplayer pool game with unique features that every player from different levels will enjoy and be in touch with social friends.


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