Roka Puzzle – Block Placement

Roka Puzzle - Block PlacementRoka Puzzle - Block Placement

Roka Puzzle – Block Placement

Turn time into entertainment by placing the blocks.
Turn time into entertainment with Six Block Puzzle!
Six Block Puzzle game which is among the most popular games, is now more colorful and excited avaliable on the air. Just download the game and start playing. All you need to do is to place the blocks in the correct places and jump to the next level by completing the first level.

Exercise your attention, observation and your ability to make right decisions with the game. Oyun ile dikkat, gözlem ve doğru karar verme yeteneklerinizi çalıştırın. Have fun at the same time …

How do you play the game?
Fit the blocks into the subframe properly and uniformly. To do this, remember to follow the shape of the block to be sent after the incoming block. So for an ordered frame, you can achieve better placement of incoming blocks. When the frame is completed, the game will be over and you can go to the next level.

Six Block Puzzle game features:

1. You do not have to spend hours trying to find out. In a few minutes you can solve the game.
2. No time. Just focus on placing the blocks properly. Specialize and increase excitement.
3. Double your fun with more than 300 levels to increase your excitement and adrenalin.
4. Value your time with aesthetic block figures, relaxing sound effects and dragging fiction of the game.
5. Focus on the game without annoying ads and start winning.

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