5 Best Games to Play on Android Phone when Sitting idle in Office

5 Best Games to Play on Android Phone when Sitting idle in Office

After you are graduated, you have to do a job to earn for your living and take care of your family. But sometimes offices happened to be the boring places one can ever find. Therefore, while sitting in office, you ever get bored; you can play different kinds of games and enjoy your time being at office. You can either play games on mobile phone which are games without wifi or you can play some other games and revive the moments of your childhood or university time period. The following are some games which you can play when you feel bored at office or your boss is not in the office.

  1. Invisible String

The invisible string is a very simple game and one can easily play it within office. All you have to do is drawing two points in the office areas and one invisible line which you have to cross. You are suggested to choose the spot of your office which is highly trafficked. The most preferred place is to choose the dispenser or printer spot of your office. The high trafficked area would maximize the fun of the game. You have to warn your office mates not to cross the invisible string, and you can duck beneath it to ensure there is an invisible line there.

  1. Off Ground Tag

Like the invisible line game, the idea of the game is just fantastic and you and office mates have not to touch the floor of the office at any cost. The game is very difficult to play sometimes because the workers have to perform their tasks of course without touching their feet to the floor of office. For this, the transportation is offered in terms of the wheeled chair of the office, so that the official activities might not have hindrance.

  1. The Photoshop Tennis

The Photoshop tennis can come out as a hilarious game to play with fantastic results. You don’t have to use the Photoshop to play but any image editing software can be used. There are different image editing software available and you could use any of them. One of the participant is supposed to draw a picture through the Photoshop and the other will have to guess what picture is being made. The game is for those workers who are creative.

  1. Tic Tac Toe

The tic tac toe game is amazing when you play at office. The game is based on ancient arcade or strategic game which is enhancing your strategic skulls. The game has a total of 9 cubes which must be filled with either a tick or cross. By the time when a player is able to make three ticks or cross in a straight line is supposed to win the game.

  1. Games on Smartphone

There are numerous games which you can play through your smartphone in office. The games such as temple run, Ludo star, asphalt, and chess are the most popular games to be played in office. The games are best to get rid of boredom and have time to enjoy.

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