LostCam Story – An Epic Match 3 Puzzle Quest Android Game

LostCam Story – An Epic Match 3 Puzzle Quest

 Explore a huge world full of depth and interesting characters in Lostcam! You are the main character in a prophecy destined to save the world from war. Only by beating challenging match 3 puzzles can you succeed!

“On the way home from school I found a puppy. Abandoned. I’m not an adult. I can’t help. I gave him half a donut to eat – I was saving it to eat later. Out of habit, I took a picture of him and uploaded the photo online under a private setting.

Suddenly. The world broke.

I woke up in a strange place, with a girl standing in front of me. She introduced herself as the representative of the ‘machines’. She told me I had been plunged into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war and possessed the legendary “Lostcam” and had been chosen by its master”

Unlock the power of the Lostcam by solving match 3 puzzles. Lostcam can project past scenes on the other side of the lens. Using the lostcam, you are about to embark on an epic quest to restore the history that was lost by the war.

After the war, everything was destroyed. The world is without history or culture. With the power of the Lostcam, you can restore the world to how it was before, in a time of peace. Travel around the world on your quest and play challenging match 3 puzzles to unlock photos to add to your photo board. This board can bring any image to life and it’s your only hope of restoring the world!

You will run into evil machines who want to destroy you and the Lostcam. Defeat them by beating challenging match 3 puzzles!

The true power of the Lostcam is locked within the match 3 puzzle games. Solve them and unleash the power of the Lostcam on your quest save the world!

• Match 3 of the same type to clear the tiles from the board
• Match 4 to create special tiles to clear entire lines
• Discover other matching combinations for HUGE score combos
• Reach the target score to clear the level and unlock the photo

• Rich story full of character depth
• HD graphics and immersive environments
• Character driven story for an epic match 3 quest
• Choose your responses when interacting with other characters
• Defeat evil robots who want to destroy you and the Lostcam
• Restore the world by solving challenging match 3 puzzles

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